Thursday, December 11, 2008

Magnetic Nature

So many changes have come in the past couple of years that have brought us closer to nature, in our bodies that is raw foods, and now another one of our skins is being pulled to nature (artist Hudertwasser says man has five skins, the third skin is man´s house). Universe wants us to start building a house made of natural materials in the mexican desert. We are seeing into building it out of Cob, which is a mixture of clay, sand and hay, it will be of mostly natural and recycled materials and will mostly be built by us.

So far we have dug the trenches for the foundation all around. Having started the earth calls us to do it. For now we can go on the weekends only, but Eduardo has vacations this month and we are looking to spending more time in this project. I envision the house being done in aproximately 6 months and after that living there part time, half the week there, half the week in the city until we transition our activity to being there full time.

I feel that this house is gonna be very very special and peaceful, not to mention healthy, nice unpolluted air and water, open space, gardening and spiritual practice, a great place for meditation.

So healthy takes us to build a healthy living space ourselves!

For more about natural building I am enjoying the folowing websites:

and many others! books have been ordered and I will also rely on the experience of the people who have built there, with adobe, and do a couple of smaller projects to test the materials in its environment before building up the walls.

This is moving moving moving beautifully like a dance.