Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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preggy belly shots!

Friday, February 6, 2009


My friend Wendii, creator of Pure Jeevan is going to include my story in a series of posts that she is publishing, mine is gonna be out on February 8. I am honored to be a part of these inspiring series.
Wendii is the creator of the AllRawDirectory which is an invaluable source of all things raw.

Her own story is so amazing, love this video of her transformation that pretty much sums it all up:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Magnetic Nature

So many changes have come in the past couple of years that have brought us closer to nature, in our bodies that is raw foods, and now another one of our skins is being pulled to nature (artist Hudertwasser says man has five skins, the third skin is man´s house). Universe wants us to start building a house made of natural materials in the mexican desert. We are seeing into building it out of Cob, which is a mixture of clay, sand and hay, it will be of mostly natural and recycled materials and will mostly be built by us.

So far we have dug the trenches for the foundation all around. Having started the earth calls us to do it. For now we can go on the weekends only, but Eduardo has vacations this month and we are looking to spending more time in this project. I envision the house being done in aproximately 6 months and after that living there part time, half the week there, half the week in the city until we transition our activity to being there full time.

I feel that this house is gonna be very very special and peaceful, not to mention healthy, nice unpolluted air and water, open space, gardening and spiritual practice, a great place for meditation.

So healthy takes us to build a healthy living space ourselves!

For more about natural building I am enjoying the folowing websites:

and many others! books have been ordered and I will also rely on the experience of the people who have built there, with adobe, and do a couple of smaller projects to test the materials in its environment before building up the walls.

This is moving moving moving beautifully like a dance.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Raw Spirit Love

Last week Eduardo and I attended the Raw Spirit Festival, this event is in a few words sort of like coming home! We enjoyed it very much, I loved being back in that place, the red rocks, the nature around Sedona. This time around I was looking forward to meeting so many people from online networks, the twitterers, the facebookers, the juicefeasters, the give it to me rawsies, the raw fuists, the crazy sexy cowgirls... ohhh I rely on the online community waaaay too much! But it was amazing to see them, as many as in those few days together could possibly crash into each other. Recconecting with people we met last year was very nice.

In fact the festival started on wednesday for us, as we drove up to Austin to take our planes there on thursday morning, we were hosted by Jan and the lovely Heather for the night and it turned into a raw feast, it was so much fun and so yummy to share time with these two, I'm glad I will get to see much more of them in the near future.

Thursday presented a couple of obstacles along the way, but nothing can stop us from loving the experience. We got to meet Glenn on the shuttle to Sedona, Glenn lives in Florida and has amazing energy that represents to me what life is all about: blessings, adventure, kindness, flow and fun... what an awsome spirit and great attitude. I am so happy to have met you Glenn. You are our Brother truly.
We went to have late-lunch/early-dinner at the Bliss Cafe, then a beautiful swarm of twittering butterflies came in! All these ladies are so pretty in person, I know them from the sharing of our everyday lives on twitter and other networks, feeling their energy in person and hearing their voices and looking into their eyes, that is very different, I love that I now have great reference to go back to when we interact online...
The evening was perfectly set up to take us to the party at Kevin Gianni's place, it was an amazing gathering where I got to meet many other friendlies, Wendi Dee and Rawbin were there, Dea, Dawn, the nonstop Revvell and other kindred spirits like Victoria NievaGomez and her husband Augusto who I will soon be meeting again when the wind takes me back to California in a couple of weeks. Kevin and Anne Marie are really amazing people who are amazingly busy on a mission. Among others in the party were Mike Adams the Health Ranger and Matt Monarch.
The next morning the cosmos wanted me to go on a hike with Rawbin and WendiDee, so we met by chance and went to a feminine vortex park place, the nature in Sedona is so beautiful and I love that I got to share it with these wonderful women, that I got to know them a little more. They are both driven and fun and gentle people. I am grateful for the time we got to spend there.
The day at the festival was so much for just one day. We got to re-meet Suki (who will be stopping by Mexico on her Living Road tour yeeeeyyy!!), Narda, Alex, Joe Kennedy, and so many others and meet Joel, Shea, David and Katrina and Kristy AAAAAHHHHHHH and so many I am probably not recalling at this moment.
Saturday the dance went on, the lectures and demos and sharing were very good yes, we loved yoga and meditation with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and the talks by Kriss Carr and others were amazing, it is still the people who are the highlight of this event. Like the Torres family and Anthony with all his purposeful work. Love is all over this festival.
Sunday was full of information, I mean Medicine Wolf, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Viktoras Kulvinskas, David and Katrina Rainoshek, Suki and Shea, Katrina Blair.... oooh this day went by fast!! And it ended in fun. Always fun.

Yet something was different this year. I had a lot of fun, but I was also more grounded than last year. I also felt happy to come home, I see this as some sort of growth, it is great that i also have so much beauty to come back to at home.

And that is no time soon, I am currently with my family in Spain, having a very good time of which I will write about soon.

The next raw move feels like it should be one of those hawaii retreats. It feels right. Santa Barbara feels like so soon right now, but maybe as it gets closer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Illustrated Story

So I wrote up a brief story of my transformation. I will make it even briefer for this blog post.

The north-mex diet is mostly meats, cold meats, cheeses, flour tortillas, eggs, and breads; fruits and veggies come mostly in the form of salsas and sweet jams. My personal preferences were of sweets, cake and cookies.

I became athletic as a teenager and I ate a LOT, and that means a LOT of junk. I could eat one big sandwich, cookies, chips and soda as a midmorning snack, after breakfast and before lunch.

I left for college, I stopped all phisical activity but kept eating the same way…eek.

I became a vegetarian at age 24, finding this was easy for me as there is no meat in cookies. At 25 I threw my back out and was in bed for 3 weeks and chose to start working from home. I was sad. :(

Age 29 stumbled upon the Master Cleanse in hopes of happiness. So we both did it. And yes one feels lighter and clarity flows easier when one does something like that. I lost the lower back pain on the second day and lost about a pound for each of the ten days. I felt great, a little dizziness here and there but other than that no problems. This cleanse advices a raw vegan diet after it and I had time to research that further… hmmm does sound good this raw foods thing. Must try, I was already trying vegan eating before that, more like trying to find loopholes like vegan cookies and cakes.

My first bribe into raw foods was Ani Phyo´s donut holes, as soon as I ate that I knew I could leave refined flour and refined sugar behind FOR EVER.

The weight kept coming off easily, every day became exciting and interesting. I connected online with a lot of kindred spirits and I reconnected for real with many old friends. I started keeping a blog in spanish as there is not much information in my language about this lifestyle and I just wanted to share! We started having friends over for dinner a lot, this is fun, but even though people find it interesting, there not as much joining the club as I had hoped ;) This is why it was an obvious choice to go to the Raw Spirit Festival, we craved community, we craved the vibration of our tribe, and this event totally delivered that and more. I loved every minute of cacao high, love high and amazing food high, the information, the people, books and the happiness that could be breathed in.

One of the books bought there was Victoria Boutenko´s 12 Steps to Raw Foods. This book has some advice for people looking for community. It said teach a class. And this has worked better to find people highly interested in raw foods and in being at least hi-raw. I get to learn a lot in these classes and people respond well to the food. This also keeps me researching and experimenting more into this lifestyle trying new things to share.

One of those amazing experiments of health was the 92 day JuiceFeast. I had read about Angela Stokes´s juicefeast, found it admirable but pretty out there. Then all of a sudden it started popping out everywhere, Terilyn, Philip, Heidi… interesting. A whole event around it. I can´t really say I jumped into the wagon because of these reasons. In January I had a miscarriage. This would have been a terrible thing even one year earlier, but I felt rather levelheaded and in the present, I know I owe this balanced non dramatic response to the health and strength I got from raw foods. But the JuiceFeast came up in the perfect moment when I wanted to regenerate my cells, heal my body as much as possible before conception. It made sense and we jumped in then and there. It was an amazing experience of healing emotions. There is no reactive eating of the dates and almonds. I wasn´t much aware that I did this before. So it was a big experience of growth and awareness.

My current personal work is to heal the mind. And it is a fine interesting work to do.

So these are my most extreme pictures. One is just before I started my transformation journey. I call this my lowest point picture, I dislike it very much, there is no energy in my face it looks like I rather be asleep or somewhere else. The second picture is a couple of weeks after the JuiceFeast, a totally different place in my life, very energetic and very aware of my body and what it needs to thrive.

Monday, July 21, 2008

From Juicy to Healthy!

So Eduardo has been out of town for 3 weeks now, he went to a composition Encounter in Spain, then he spent a couple of weeks with my dad near Sevilla, then he moved on to another workshop in Doncaster, close to Manchester, where I presume he is now. Raw and travel has always been interesting to me, it is always and adventure trying to figure out the next meal. It will be very interesting to share his experience when he comes back. I assume Spain is easier than the UK, but he will be a better narrator to that sometime next week.

So what is a girl to do in the summer in the absence of her other half??? hmmmm actually I have felt pretty whole, I love that. I have had a house full of visiting cousins and plenty to do. Last week I went to the desert and had an amazing experience that reminds me that there is only so much health that raw foods can give us. A lot of our (my) health has to do with mind and heart. Or maybe it is the next step in the journey, to start to heal more subtle energies, which seem to need a special, different kind of healing. The work I did there is all about minding my thoughts. This place is called "The Mistery" and the people who live there are deep into the yoga and meditation lifestyle, many people go there to heal so they have so much experience understanding people and their energy, they are very sensitive. So I felt very aware of my thoughts all the time, that´s probably part of my healing, but I did also feel self-conscious and troubled by the restlessness of my mind. I found many of my thoughts to be very childish, I have much work to do. But also I found this all to be very freeing, like I could from that moment on just let myself be softer.

I noticed that all the accumulated knowledge had made me be tough on myself, trying to be affirmative and accepting of what comes has to be based on further practices, not just theory. My body is detoxed enough, now I need to make it strong and flexible. I need my mind to be focused and clutter-free. I am now flowing into a softer space, where awareness of my weaknesses is more important than just longing for more enlightened states but not taking them to practice. I was told I need to work on anger and agressiveness issues.... whaaa??? meeee???? no waaay!!!! well I was made to see this up front and I found that I do have an edge, I tend to sarcasm and other uglies. I didn´t see that before. Just being aware of it is a big step in working through it. I have some sadness to work through too (wow this post is suddenly feeling heavy with too much info). But it is true, and I feel obliged to truth now, it is so much easier to just be softer and flow. I came back from this retreat feeling my heart so open and abundant with love.

I have been doing a lot for the healing of my body, now I also start the healing of my energy and of my heart. After all I think I had never before stopped to see why did I gain all the weight in the first place? What was I hiding from under all that toxicity? What have I been hiding from behind the labels "smart and spiritual" (with no further practice than that of my nutrition)? And I don´t mean to be analytic of my past, but instead just aware of what arises in the present... what triggers cause me to act out, with food or otherwise? I am back to being an explorer, a scientist of me with a lighter heart and a flowing disposition to be real.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our breakfeast in Chipinque after some walking and foraging!
We are back to eating solids.... ahhhh they taste good too!