Monday, September 22, 2008

Raw Spirit Love

Last week Eduardo and I attended the Raw Spirit Festival, this event is in a few words sort of like coming home! We enjoyed it very much, I loved being back in that place, the red rocks, the nature around Sedona. This time around I was looking forward to meeting so many people from online networks, the twitterers, the facebookers, the juicefeasters, the give it to me rawsies, the raw fuists, the crazy sexy cowgirls... ohhh I rely on the online community waaaay too much! But it was amazing to see them, as many as in those few days together could possibly crash into each other. Recconecting with people we met last year was very nice.

In fact the festival started on wednesday for us, as we drove up to Austin to take our planes there on thursday morning, we were hosted by Jan and the lovely Heather for the night and it turned into a raw feast, it was so much fun and so yummy to share time with these two, I'm glad I will get to see much more of them in the near future.

Thursday presented a couple of obstacles along the way, but nothing can stop us from loving the experience. We got to meet Glenn on the shuttle to Sedona, Glenn lives in Florida and has amazing energy that represents to me what life is all about: blessings, adventure, kindness, flow and fun... what an awsome spirit and great attitude. I am so happy to have met you Glenn. You are our Brother truly.
We went to have late-lunch/early-dinner at the Bliss Cafe, then a beautiful swarm of twittering butterflies came in! All these ladies are so pretty in person, I know them from the sharing of our everyday lives on twitter and other networks, feeling their energy in person and hearing their voices and looking into their eyes, that is very different, I love that I now have great reference to go back to when we interact online...
The evening was perfectly set up to take us to the party at Kevin Gianni's place, it was an amazing gathering where I got to meet many other friendlies, Wendi Dee and Rawbin were there, Dea, Dawn, the nonstop Revvell and other kindred spirits like Victoria NievaGomez and her husband Augusto who I will soon be meeting again when the wind takes me back to California in a couple of weeks. Kevin and Anne Marie are really amazing people who are amazingly busy on a mission. Among others in the party were Mike Adams the Health Ranger and Matt Monarch.
The next morning the cosmos wanted me to go on a hike with Rawbin and WendiDee, so we met by chance and went to a feminine vortex park place, the nature in Sedona is so beautiful and I love that I got to share it with these wonderful women, that I got to know them a little more. They are both driven and fun and gentle people. I am grateful for the time we got to spend there.
The day at the festival was so much for just one day. We got to re-meet Suki (who will be stopping by Mexico on her Living Road tour yeeeeyyy!!), Narda, Alex, Joe Kennedy, and so many others and meet Joel, Shea, David and Katrina and Kristy AAAAAHHHHHHH and so many I am probably not recalling at this moment.
Saturday the dance went on, the lectures and demos and sharing were very good yes, we loved yoga and meditation with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and the talks by Kriss Carr and others were amazing, it is still the people who are the highlight of this event. Like the Torres family and Anthony with all his purposeful work. Love is all over this festival.
Sunday was full of information, I mean Medicine Wolf, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Viktoras Kulvinskas, David and Katrina Rainoshek, Suki and Shea, Katrina Blair.... oooh this day went by fast!! And it ended in fun. Always fun.

Yet something was different this year. I had a lot of fun, but I was also more grounded than last year. I also felt happy to come home, I see this as some sort of growth, it is great that i also have so much beauty to come back to at home.

And that is no time soon, I am currently with my family in Spain, having a very good time of which I will write about soon.

The next raw move feels like it should be one of those hawaii retreats. It feels right. Santa Barbara feels like so soon right now, but maybe as it gets closer!


Wendi Dee said...

One of the highlights of my RSF experience was meeting you and Eduardo, Linda! I love you both dearly and I look forward to spending time again with you in the near future!

I am sorry to say that all of the herbs were cut back and removed by my husband while I was away. :-( That means no hyssop seeds for you. I'm so sorry about that. The only herb that has some remaining seeds is the oregano--do you need any of that?

I'm looking forward to reading about and seeing pictures from all the travels you'll be doing!! I hope Eduardo doesn't miss you too much while you are away!

Lots of love to you,


Linda Salas said...

hey it's ok if he misses me a little!
that is ok about the hyssop, I'll look for some spanish hyssop instead ;).
I really loved spending time with you, we will for sure meet again. I will post about travels soon!!
Love to you as well!!

Revvell said...

Hi Linda!

It was wonderful meeting you and Eduardo in person. Thank you for the mention here!

Life is good in SoCal. I've been SO inspired by the festival. Getting composting bins and planting a raised, layered garden bed.

More interivews for coming up soon.

Love the blog! Keep it up!



Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to have met you :) You are such a lovely lady with a heart of gold!

debbiedoesraw said...

oh Linda, I did NOT get to meet you, darn!
but I love your blog and will visit you often..see you next year or?

HiHoRosie said...

I so missed out! It would've been so fun to go to RSF but maybe next year in SB. :)

debbiedoesraw said...

Rosie! I hope to see you there.. get your camping reservations early!

adventure grrl said...

You are such a glowy, beautiful inspirations and I love hearing your account of RSF! Can't wait to hear about your travels :)

Anonymous said...

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