Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 54 + the coolest class! (no heat involved)

I had an amazing experience teaching my first Raw Foods class this past saturday, I loved it.
A long time ago I took a Quiromancy class (how to read the hands) and it turns out I have rare marks in the form of a stick figure person on both hands, the teacher said those are educator or teacher marks, I found that so odd because teaching has never been my thing, I don´t like public speaking so much, one on one speaking I love, but to more than one, not so much. So It feels good to have figured out those lines in my hands! I can teach raw foods! Every ingredient gave me a story to tell; cayenne pepper, nutmeg, mushrooms, garlic, avocado, I was so excited to share all this info gathered in the past year, of course stuff about enzymes and alkaline/acid balance.

Carrots is the name of the little health store where the class was held, it is a great place and they hold lots of healthy cooking classes, so now we are also sharing the option of not cooking, just healthy eating! The people who came to the class were mostly vegetarians, or close to that, so already health conscious and very knowledgeable, my friend Ben says I´m a next level facilitator. And It all rolled easily. I fact I am very happy that two of the attendants contacted me later interested in juice feasting! This was such a pleasant surprise!

I chose simple recipes that I had tried before and loved because since I am juice feasting I wouldn´t be able to test and taste there. Instead of a salad we made jamaican style kebabs, an avocado/celery soup with a chipotle swirl, then marinated portobello steaks with white mushroom gravy (this recipe I loved so much we had it at my sister´s wedding last year) and a black cherry cobbler for dessert. All turned out great. Or so I heard.

My friend Ana helped me so much, she is transitioning and eats raw vegan all week and though she still gives herself the weekends off, little by little is walking away from weekend meats, I´m so proud of her! In fact 3 of the people in the class own a vitamix, one of them even a dehydrator, I have found my community which is what it is all about! Seriously non of them looked the least bit shocked about the 92 day juicing thing opposed to the Average Juan around this premises.

It´s a great feeling, I can´t wait for the next one scheduled for next month!


Penni said...

Linda....This is so marvelous! I love you in your raw chef's apron too! Those recipes sound fantastic and I wish I could sit in on one of your classes. It is so great that you are able to have impact and educate people near you with your gift of joy and wisdom. I see wonderful things for you, my dear!

Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Linda! I didn't know you have an English blog, as well! I actually had a friend of mine, who's from Mexico, translating your blog a bit for me one day. LOL I figured it might inspire him to eat healthier, but it didn't. However, it was fun to finally know what you were writing about (since I don't understand Spanish at all).

Now, I see you have this blog! I've added it to my blog list so that I can keep up with your posts!

Congratulations on enjoying your teaching class! That's fascinating about the lines on your hands!

Lots of love to you!

Wendi Dee

p.s. I keep trying to leave a comment, but there's no option that works, so far. I'm trying to use an old livejournal url to see if it will work. My blog is actually at not at the livejournal one that is going to show up if this works. ;-)

Linda Salas said...

Thanks Penni and Wendi, I really had a great time, it was fun! I´m gonna meke these monthly for now.

Thanks for the support!

RawBin said...

I'm so glad you're teaching your community about raw foods. I met a woman at this boatshow I was working. She's a holistic medical advisor but she says she never offers anyone any advice and tells nothing. She says if they want to know they'll look her up for hire. My feeling is tell them! Tell them everything you can, because sometimes that one little thing you said gets through.
Wish you lived closer, my sister takes college spanish courses (4th year) and is always looking for a place to speak spanish. (she's been to Guatamala, Nicaragua, and Belize) Maybe she and I should travel south to take a heat free uncooking class!
Can't wait to meet up with you and Eduardo at the Raw Spirit Fest!!