Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 1-5

I should really post every day so I don´t forget stuff.
So far it´s been ok. I thought I would be doing fine on the salt flushes, having done the master cleanse before, but I´m not liking it very much for this, maybe I just need to drink lots more water too other than the quart with MSM and lemon in the morning. Anyway, it didn´t feel right to salt flush yesterday so I skipped it... and it was not the best day, I totally needed the extra elimination.
So I went looking for enema kits and couldn´t find any!! So today I did salt flush again (because yerterday sucked without one) but I will call everywhere until I find an enema kit and start tomorrow 10 days of enemas, or as needed.
I think they will be less harsh on my body than the flushes.
Eduardo has done no salt flush yesterday and today.
So tomorrow, hopefully enema kits will be here.
I´m very happy about going to the "mercado" I usually go to supermarkets, but the juicefeast has made me look for options because of the amount of produce needed.
Yesterday I got:
2 pineapples
2 canteloupes
2 small watermelons very sweet
2 lb grapes
5 lb apples
2 trays of strawberries
+ the fruit guy gifted me a pint of orange/grapefruit juice!!

I got all our greens organic
rainbow chard
purlple lettuce
green chard
+ the greens lady gifted me all the curly parsley I wanted. I took 5 bunches

Total: 15 USD

Plus, my in-laws picked a whole lot of oranges and grapefruit (the juiciest grafruit) for us from this ranch they visited on the weeekend!!!

So the kitchen is stocked up. We are feeling very well (except for last night) and I am looking forward to the enemas.
I finally blogged some too!


Penni said...

I am so excited you have an English blog now! It is hard to believe I took 3 years of Espagnol in high school and now can hardly remember more than the very basics. I have done a couple of enemas since Day 1 and I am convinced that they have helped me have virtually no detox symptoms. A head ache on the first evening and that was it. I had to poops from juicing 2 lbs. of spinach though. Spinach and pears together, that should get the "train to leave the station."
I will add you and Eduardo to my blogroll so I will remember to visit you whenever you post!
All the Best!