Monday, March 10, 2008

Juice, Emotions, Energy and Detox

Days 5 through 10 of this trip have been very interesting. I have had several days of detox, almost all in the form of runny nose, and I have had to brush my teeth more times a day, it appears that we detox a lot through the mouth. Helping this detoxification with dry brushing and this is followed by contrast showers, also to stimulate the lymphatic drainage. I hoped to be able to sleep less time but so far has not been the case, in fact I think we need more sleep, my body is asking me for more sleep and I listen.

Yesterday we weighed in, we will do this every week to have a record of the fluctuations that we could experience, Eduardo dropped 2 kilos and I got off 3 kilos.

As for the emotions, has been different every day, I had a couple of days that I feel I want my nuts!, lol, it is strange, and although I have been eating infinitely better than a year ago .... Also there are ways to be bad rawfoodist. And I realize that I have a tendency to eat emotionally, and I continue to attract fats and sweets. While being raw, these elements are of much greater quality, perhaps I was using them in quantities not desirable. Now I feel and understand that fruits and vegetables should be the most significant portion of my diet. There are moments in the day that I have an incredible energy and I can not help stop what I am doing and just jump, so, some music and jumping for a good while.

I realized that days that I have not felt very well have been the day that I managed not take the proper amount of 4 liters is required to be a FEAST instead of a fast. My main goal for this week is to each day drink 4 liters of juice, maybe more, never less.

I realized that I was less drawn by chard for some reason, I am looking to use other green leaves, perhaps has been too much chard (red and green) for a week and I need green leaves that have less flavor. Except parsley ... I have been enjoying it a lot with pineapple, orange and generally juices of acid flavor.

We have been very good in terms of celery ... a head of celery per person per day!

Today I woke up with a lot of energy and because the weather is perfect I want to get out for a while, get some sun and exercise.

Up till now the menu is:
1 lt water with 1 tbsp of MSM and juice of 1 / 2 lemon
1 lt apple-carrot-spinach + a little orange / cinnamon / ginger
1 lt jícama-celery-cucumber-coconut water + a bit of lemon
1 / 2 grapefruit lt ........ I love grapefruit with great passion

And I am about to prepare for the afternoon a huge pineapple-parsley-cherries.



Penni said...

Hi Linda & Eduardo! Stopping in to check on you. Can you believe we are on Day 12?! I think this is already quite an accomplishment! I too have been waking with some drainage in my throat and nose. I am generally fine after I've had my morning water and a cup of hot ginger tea. I hope this week is going well for you...
Sending love,

El Gonzi said...

Hola Linda. Primero, agradecerte por la visita a mi blog y dejar tu comentario.
Segundo, felicitarte también por tu régimen de alimentación. Un poco desconocido y "raro" para muchos pero que no dudo que te es de gran beneficio.


El Gonzi

ilu said...

WOoow... both of you look completly different!... your face is iluminated, happy and healty!
Best wishes for the way you are walking! :) ilu.-