Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 74

This is the painting I finished last week, I had a nice juicy and creative flow with this one and I enjoyed it a lot. Right now I have commissions for 4 more (for just one house!!) and 2 more pending... ahhhh to be flowing is so great!

The juicing is going great, I have been drinking less than 4 qts, but it has been totally fine, I didn´t weigh in this week but I feel I haven´t lost much weight in the last week, I feel just stable and level and ok. I have been loving orange+peach juice, Eduardo is loving it too. And yesterday I made a celery+galric+ginger+lemon juice so savory and tasty and when I do it again today I will use less garlic.

Loving this. day 74 already. Already having fantasies of all the gorgeous salads that I will eat after the feast, I made the decision to stop eating nuts regularly at least, maybe for parties or weekends, but definetely not daily anymore. After the feast, nuts only rarely, and seeds, well flax and hemp mostly and sunflower and pumpkin scarcely too. I will be fresh!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Not only is that painting beautiful, but you are super model GORGEOUS!!!

Thanks for sharing the picture and for always being so sweet!

Lots and lots of love to you!

Wendi Dee

p.s. I had to log in with a very old journal in order to comment. There was no name/url option available. My actual blog is www.purejeevan.com/blog not the one that I logged in with just now. ;-)


Tuliza said...

You are an amazing artist. Beautiful work. Happy juice feasting day 74. You are looking fabulous.

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it. You are so talented. I love the vibrant colors and the detail! Congrats on a beautiful work of art!

Courtney Pool said...

Wow, this painting is absolutely fantastic! This has brought me much joy tonight!

Penni said...

You are a true artist...truly amazing. And you, Ms. Slender gorgeousness! You look fabulous and so alive! This juice feast is agreeing with you.

Can't wait to spend time with you in Sedona!!

Love to you and Eduardo..

Linda Salas said...

thanks guys! It´s always a vulnerable position to put artwork out there, but this comunity rocks always!