Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 83

Day 83 is going fine! I am having a relaxed day and am enjoying it. It is quite a warm afternoon in the north of México, it has been a warm week... yet Eduardo and I haven´t felt it as much as the rest, I think it is because of slower metabolism due to just juicing. I´m glad because I really really prefer not to turn on the AC... ever... which is odd given where I live, also interesting I don´t like cold water for drinking either.

Anyway, the last few days I myself have been running hot an cold I have had days of just wanting to start eating, knowing that I won´t- having come so far in the journey, and some days of being just plain happy about juicing and not picturing myself eating solids anytime soon. Pendular, pendular it goes around here lately.

I feel kind of guilty of not making the most these 92 days, having not medidated, not done chanca piedra and other such things. I don´t know if/when I will do this again for this long and I have a little naggy feeling that I could have done better. I have done some yoga, some walking, lots of wanting to buy a rebounder soon.

Then I cut myself some slack, I have juiced A LOT. I was making sandwiches for a friend yesterday and I made a pretty high stack of tomato slices, cucumber, spinach, sprouts and sunflowerseed cheese, avocado, a pretty wholesome big sandwich and all I could think is... "wow that is such a small amount of food, not even a whole tomato, only 5 spinach leaves?!?!" I mean one of my juices is one head of celery, one buch of cilantro, one pound of tomatoes, one whole cucumber, plus the basil and garlic... I have juiced a LOT of food, every day. The fruit plate on my table holds quite an amouunt of varied beauties, pineapple and mango, and canteloupe, kiwis, apples, citrus and it is just enough for two or three days. I have been a good juicer, a good juicefeaster. I can see how some of it is just nonsense in my head.

I haven´t weighed in for a few weeks, but I do know I had to punch an extra hole in my belt to hold my jeans up. I feel great weight-wise so I guess I don´t check in anymore.

83 x 120/365=27.2... this means I am reverting the damage done in 27 years by now... almost reborn!


Penni said...

I am right there with you. I feel almost exactly the same, Linda...honestly I do. I so could have meditated more and exercised more....on and on. But focusing on the positive is totally the way to look at it. This has been an amazing time of rebuilding and alkalizing. We'll never be the same.

So much love to you!!


loulou said...

Hi Linda
You've answered yourself already but I just wanted to reinforce how well you've done. 83 days, chica. That's amazing. I kept thinking I could have more green juices, have this, that and the other superfood, do more exercise. I had planned to regularly take the time to focus on my reasons for juicefeasting and my long term goals. But, you know, I just couldn't do everything, so I stopped getting hung up about it.
You've done fantastically well and you're so close to achieving a phenomenal goal of 92 day juicefeast. GO YOU!!! xxx

RawBin said...

I don't like cold drinking water either. It's so strange reading about everyone's final days of juice feast as I'm just getting ready to begin mine.

Mark said...

Wow. You really lost a lot of weight. :)